Accepted Items

Twice As Nice strives to be a quality event, providing families with the best possible inventory to choose from.  All items should be gently used and in excellent condition. Please do not be offended if we cannot accept an item.  All items will be checked in at Drop Off and thoroughly checked to meet our guidelines. Twice As Nice reserves the right to decline items that are not in accordance with guidelines. Please read ALL of our guidelines below to be in compliance. Thank you!

Please read!! We can no longer accept any crib manufactured before June 28, 2011.  New safety regulations restrict the kinds of cribs that can be sold. Cribs must have model number and manufacturer date visible on the crib. "It is illegal for anyone to sell a crib that was manufactured before June 28, 2011 or doesn’t meet the new crib safety standards. (Some companies started meeting the new safety standards before they went into effect.) For that reason, many cribs are rejected right now. How can you find out if your crib meets the new standards? You’ll have to contact the company with your model number and possibly even serial number to find out. They can email you a copy of the certification, if it didn’t come with your crib. You’ll need that information to consign your crib." This info found in the article "Why Doesn't My Consignment Sale Accept...?" on ConsignmentMommies.com, written by Chief Blogger, Elizabeth Renfroe.

Accepted Items Quick List: (please read all guidelines below)

Gently used


Current style

In working order

Smells fresh

No recalls

Battery operated toys WITH working batteries for checking

Maternity clothes in great condition!

Training pants or toddler underwear if new.

Not Accepted Quick List:

Bad or strong odors

Hung or packaged improperly (READ Item Prep and Tagging Guide)




Out of style

Missing pieces

Broken or damaged or excessively sun damaged

No stuffed animals

VHS tapes

R Rated DVD/BLURay or Cassette tapes

Bras/undergarments for anything over child size 5.   

Breast pumps

Drop side cribs, expired car seats, any recalled item

Mattresses cannot be accepted.

No women's sizes or clothing for adult men. Juniors only through XL. We will take "men's" jeans in waist sizes through 40", but for young styles for teens and college age only, please.


RECALLS: *We cannot accept drop side cribs. We cannot accept carseats older than 5 years. Consignors MUST check for recalls on their items. Click the link WeMakeItSafer.com here or find it in our website menu across the top of the home page under "Consign" and select "Check Recalls". Selling recalled items is prohibited. We Make It Safer lists the CPSC information on recalls. We've taken the We Make It Safer Pledge and you can, too! See the badge at the bottom of our home page.

Clothing: We accept clothing from Newborn through size 19 (Small/Med./Large/XL) in juniors girls, up to size x-large only in guys.  We will not be accepting Women's or Men's clothing. We DO accept MATERNITY, AND clothing that is considered "juniors"-small, medium, large, XL for girls and guys. For teen boys, this may include "men's" sizes, but we only accept young styles for teens and college age like young men's jeans/shorts through waist size 40".

1.  There is a 15 clothing item minimum in order to consign.  The 15 items should meet all of the Accepted Items Guidelines.

2.  Each consignor maximum clothing limit is 100 clothing items per consignor number.  You may sign up as an additional consignor and get a second number if you have more than that amount.  There will be a $9 fee deducted from your consignor check for each consignor number you register for or for every batch. (Additional items such as toys, books, shoes, etc. will go toward the 300 total item limit) So, 100 clothing items plus 200 items in the categories of books, movies, furniture, toys, bedding is acceptable.

3. Additional Limits:

        No more than 25 items per sex in 0-6 mos. size per consignor. 

         No more than 10 maternity items per consignor.  

           Only 25 high quality Juniors clothing items.

         Only 10 hair bows per consignor.

4. Seasonably appropriate clothing only. Light colors and weights for Spring. Heavier items for Fall/Winter.

5. SETS: No more than 4 clothing items in a set. Please do not pin 5 pairs of pants together, 5 shirts, 5 dresses, etc. as a set. We will not be able to accept these.  4 or fewer, thank you!

Spring/Summer Do's:  Yes, we take jeans, khakis, shorts, capris, tanks, swim suits, sundresses, short-sleeved items, light weight/light colored cardigans or jackets (only spring type), flip flops, sandals, other shoe types suitable for warm weather.

Spring/Summer Don'ts:  Please, no sweaters, velvet, velour, wool, coats, turtlenecks, Christmas/Holiday outfits, Snowgear, Halloween costumes, corderoy, or boots that are not dress up.

Fall/Winter Do's:  Yes, we take appropriate short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts, jeans, coats, dresses, Halloween costumes, Christmas outfits, sweaters, sweatshirts, heavy clothing items in heavier fabrics, boots and fall/winter shoes.

Fall/Winter Don'ts:  Please, no sundresses, Easter outfits, tank tops, swim suits, 4th of July outfits, shorts, etc.



Anytime Items:  

1.  Jeans and tennis shoes in excellent condition

2.  3/4 sleeve length tops that are not seasonal

3.  Dress up clothing in excellent condition is accepted at both sales.  Halloween costume only at Fall/Winter

4.  Sports/Dance Uniforms and School Uniforms: Eg: leotards, jerseys, baseball pants, shorts, cleats, shin guards, etc. are accepted at both sales.

5.  Socks and tights should be like new.  Toddler undergarments and training pants are accepted if they are NEW with tags or packaging.

6.  Hats, Hair Accessories and Belts can be accepted if clean and like new. Hair accessories sell best in sets of several to a ziploc bag. Limit 10 hairbows per consignor.

7.  Sports activity clothing such as performance moisture wicking shirts that are short or long sleeved.


Unacceptable items:   No undergarments for sizes 6 and up, and only new ones in sizes newborn-5. No bras or sports bras (new or used.) Any items not meeting guidelines. No items with profanity.



1.  Limit of 25 pairs of high quality shoes per consignor. We will be picky!!!

2.  Sizes: Newborn - Adult size 12 (styles for youth and teens only)

3.  Flip Flops and Sandals are accepted only in Spring.

4.  Boots (unless dress up) are accepted only in Fall.

5.  Must be clean inside and out.

6.  No major wear, free of scuffs, stains, tears, or ODORS. Must have laces, buckles or velcro in good condition, etc.

7.  See Tagging Guide under Consign Menu for special info on tagging shoes. (VERY IMPORTANT!)

We accept a variety of toys, indoor and outdoor types.  You must check the RECALLS list.  No stuffed animals. All toys should be clean, in working order, with no missing parts or pieces, no tears, holes, or sun-damage.

A list of many toys we accept:

  • Bikes, tricycles & Scooters (no flat tires)
  • Outdoor Play Equipment: slides, picnic tables, sandboxes, etc.
  • Books: In excellent condition with no graffiti.
  • DVD's ONLY (No VHS): No Rated R movies will be accepted. Must be in original case. We will NO LONGER TAKE VHS.
  • Puzzles: must have all pieces and be in original package or in the case of toddler puzzles with few pieces, the pieces must be in a clear ziploc where they can be seen and checked by prospective buyer.
  • Games: Must have original package and instructions. Must have all pieces. No games older than 2005.
  • Video/Educational Games: Games and stations are accepted in excellent condition. Games can be sold separately.
  • Dolls: Accepted in excellent condition, no missing hair, or pieces
  • Legos and other small piece toys: Must have no missing pieces and be bagged or boxed together.

Furniture & Equipment

We accept these items in quality condition: baby equipment, floor toys for babies, walkers, strollers, bouncy seats, swings, beds (no drop side cribs and no cribs that have been subject to a recall), changing tables, chests, dressers, etc. things pertaining to kids' rooms. Additional equipment/furniture for babies/kids/teens can be accepted in excellent condition. Consignors must check for any recalls. See the We Make It Safer box to your right to search for recalls.

We will not be accepting mattresses for baby beds, toddler beds, twin, full, queen, etc. 


1. Excellent condition. Clean, no scuffs, scratches or wear and tear.

2. Cannot have been in any car accident.

3. We will not accept carseats older than 5 years or within one year of expiration. Expiration dates can be found on the bottom of the seat, imprinted in the plastic. There should be a year of good use left in the seat when selling.

4. Consignors are REQUIRED TO CHECK FOR RECALLS ON SEATS. Check our link to WeMakeItSafer.com for recalls. Take the pledge and rate our sale!  We want to earn a gold badge for our efforts in informing consignors and shoppers.























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