Frequently Asked Questions:


1.  Do I hang my own clothes and what kind of hangers do I use?

    A:  Yes, each consignor cleans, prepares and hangs their own clothing.  You can use wire or plastic hangers on most items. If using wire hangers for pants, please see our Item Prep page found in the Consignor Guides drop down menu for a picture example.  You must safety pin pants by the waist to the hanger on each side.


2.  How do I sign up?

    A:  Click here. You will enter your info and choose a password. Keep up with your consignor number and password to be able to log back in.

Here's a quick video that show's the registration process:


3.  When entering my items, do I need to make a tag for each item in a set? 

    A:  No, you make one tag, but be sure to put both of the items in the description section on the tag.  Then safety pin, tape, or bag the items together so they will not become separated.


4.  If I have more than 100 clothing items (the maximum per consignor), can I sign up for another consignor number to enter the rest of my items?

    A:  Yes.  You will need to use another email address; however, because our system will not allow duplicate email addresses to be entered.  There will be a $9 consignor fee for each number you register for.


5.  What do volunteers do?

    A:  Volunteers handle several different tasks from checking in items at Drop Off, to re-hanging clothing on the proper racks during the sale. Volunteers will also help with removing tags from garments and items before sending shopper to the check out and they help with resorting after the sale to prepare for pickup.


6.  How can I shop at the presale?

    A:  As a consignor who drops off items, you will receive a consignor presale pass for the 4:00pm sale on the Presale day.  As a volunteer who consigns, you can shop an earlier sale for each shift you work.


7.  How can I make items I have left from the last sale, "active" for the current sale without having to reenter them?

    A:  Directions for this are found under the Tagging Guide which can be found by going to the Home page, placing your mouse pointer over Consignor Guides and the drop down menu contains the Tagging Guide. 


8.  When I am entering my items, I can only see the last 5 items entered. How can I see them all?

    A:  In order to see all of your entered items, look for a small box in the section where you enter the item description, price, etc. Check mark the box beside "By default only the last 5 items entered show. Check here to display all items."  It's right under the submit item button.



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