Guide to Drop Off

Dropping your items off is even easier with a few tips:

Spring 2018 Drop Off:

Monday, April 2nd  ~  3:00-7:00 pm 

Tuesday, April 3rd ~ 1:30pm-7:00pm

Drop off is over at 7:00pm on 4/3/18.

1.  Sign up for a Drop Off appointment time. This spreads out the dropping off so that certain times do not become over crowded.  Drop off should take less than 30 min. To get a drop off appointment, log in with your consignor number and password.

2.  We ask that you make every effort to come at your appt. time, but if you cannot make your scheduled time, you can still come.  Just allot extra time as others will be arriving for their scheduled appt.

3.  Mark your calendar or set a reminder for the day and time! Late drop offs (day after drop offs) are only allowed by permission and are charged a $10 fee.

4.  Make a SELF-ADDRESSED, stamped envelope and place it with your items to bring to Drop Off. We will ask for this when you check in. We will be taking $1.00 for envelope/stamp if you do forget. But, you must address the envelope so that we have your current address to mail your check to you. Do not place your address in the top left of the envelope. Write it in the middle front of the envelope. Write your consignor number in bottom left corner.

5.  Check that all of your items have been entered and tagged securely and properly. We cannot sell items that are not tagged. See Tagging Guidelines.

6.  Organize your clothing in size order for boys and then size order for girls from smallest to largest.

7.  Bring toys and items with pieces in a box or tote for easier carrying from your car.

8.  Come into the building and go immediately to the check out area. You will sign in, give the volunteer your self-addressed/stamped envelope, and PICK UP YOUR PRESALE PASS!!!! You must have the pass to enter the Presale.

9. Now, bring your items to a Twice As Nice Volunteer at one of the front tables. They will assist you by checking in your items and directing you to the areas your items will go.  Please ask for assistance with this if you are new or need help!  If your items are placed in the wrong area, they will not sell.  Most shoppers know exactly what sizes they need or what items they want.  They will not see your items if they are in the wrong size area, etc.

10.  You are done! Time to get excited about all the $$ you will make and SHOPPING THE PRESALE!!

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