Item Prep

The better your items are prepped, the better they will sell!


1. Plastic or wire coated hangers.  Child size hangers on sizes 7 and under, Adult size on 8 and larger. (larger clothing falls off the small hangers and ends up on the floor)

2. Safety pins, rubber bands, and zip ties-for toys or shoes that need to be kept together

3. Zip loc bags for shoes and small pieces

4. Tape (clear, packing tape and masking tape)

5. Printer and white card stock for printing tags.



1. Examine for missing buttons, damaged zippers, tears, holes, fuzzing or pilling, fading, cracked screen print, etcredwhitestripedshirt

2. Wash clothes and check for stains

3. Remove wrinkles (in dryer or iron)

4. Hang with clothing front facing and hanger hook in the direction of a ? question mark.  Hang pants so that they will not slip to one side of the hanger.  Scroll down for a picture example. 


Make sure shoes are clean & fresh. Place a piece of masking tape with your consignor number and the item number/price on the bottom of each shoe and zip tie them together or place in zip loc bag with tag attached to bag with clear tape. Only 25 high quality pairs total per consignor.



1. Clean, working toys only will be accepted.

2. Check for CPSC Recalls at WeMakeItSafer.com

3. Gather all pieces and bag them in ziploc bag if needed.  Attach securely to the main part with tape or zipties. You may need to print a copy of the tag to attach to another piece. This will help us locate if the pieces become separated. No missing pieces, please!

4. Check that battery operated toys or electronic toys work properly. Insert batteries so the items can be checked  by prospective buyers.

5. Check books for graffiti. Check DVD's, games, movies to be sure they play correctly.  We no longer accept VHS tapes or cassette tapes.01debcbc351643801d0db8e5deb21f34218cef9683



Please make sure all equipment is up to date, clean, all pieces are together, check for recalls at WeMakeItSafer.com No carseats over 5 years old. Check date imprinted on bottom of seat.


Must include all pieces, must be clean, no major scratches, scuffs, or wear and tear. Check for recalls! No drop side cribs can be accepted due to the determination by the CPSC.








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