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Twice As Nice consignors set the price for their items adhering to our minimum of at least $3 per item.  From there, you decide what price you will put on your items!  We know that you want to sell your items, and you definitely don't want to  bring them home again! So, if you feel a little lost or just want to double check how you are doing on pricing, below you will find a short pricing guide.


Pricing Tips: These are our tips, but the final say is up to you!

1. 25%-50% of original price: Most items will sell best if marked anywhere from 25% to 50% of the brand  new price. Keep in mind our minimum of $3 per item.

$25 brand new = $7.00-$13.00 resale          

$10 brand new = $3.00 - $5.00 resale

2. Walmart Clothing: Keep in mind, clothing from Walmart or another discount store, while perfectly good, will not sell for the same price as clothing from a Department store or Boutique. If it's from Walmart or a similar store, it needs to be in like new condition and priced to sell.  We want your items to sell!

3. Half Price : This sale is on Saturday. Remember, don't mark an item to go half price if you are not willing to take half price for the item. However, if you really don't want to bring it back home, we suggest you allow it to go half price!

4. $3 Minimum:   In baby sizes through child size 6 you may bundle up to 4 items together or make a set of tops and bottoms up to 4 items. We cannot accept a bundle of more than 4 clothing items that are together as "one item".  Four or fewer, please.

We cannot accept child size 7 through Junior XL in bundles of more than one item for only $3.  If you bundle these sizes into a set, they must be priced for more than $3. A set of 2 items size 7 or above should be priced above $5.  If a set in these sizes is not worth more than $3, it is most likely not of the quality that we can accept for our sale. Thank you for your understanding!

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