Vendor Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What size spaces are available?   8 x 6 ft space  or 12 x 8 ft. space.  Vendor is responsible for displays and tables.

2.  How much are spaces? 8 x 6 is $80 for the entirety of sale.  12 x 8 is $160 for entire sale.

3.  Can we move the tables around?  Yes, as long as your displays, tables or items do not block the vendor next to you from getting in an out or infringe on their space or visibility to the shoppers.

4.  Can I pick my spot?  The spots will be assigned based on receipt of deposit and vendor agreement.  Spots will be assigned to those who turn in deposits/and agreements first and second and so on. If you have special needs for your spot, we are happy to accomodate!

5.  Are their electrical outlets?  Yes

6.  Can I sell food/drink?  No, unless you are a food vendor that has registered as such.

7.  Will there be another vendor like me?  No.  We try our best to limit each type of vendor. 

8.  Can I bring my children?   We understand that sometimes other arrangements just can't be made, although we don't recommend it for a long day!  We ask that children are supervised and not disruptive to shoppers or other vendors! Thank you! 

*Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with other questions!  We will update this list as we receive other FAQs.


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